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    With close to 95,000 downloads on Google Play Store, the Instant Pot Recipes app remains, without doubt, our most popular product. You can easily explore more than 1,200 Instant Pot recipes with videos on the app.

    The app makes it easy to search recipes, save to favorites, rate recipes, share reviews. You can also chat with other users of the app and ask questions/get answers about anything related to the Instant Pot. is an advanced food ordering & delivery platform for Mauritians. Launched on July 1st 2021, it caters for restaurant, hotel restaurant, pub, bar, and snack owners.

    With features like WhatsApp Ordering, Live Order Notifications, Call Waiter, Financial Reports, QR Generator and 0% commission on orders, it is easy to see why restaurateurs are flocking in droves to the site.

    There is currently a 3-months free upgrade to the Pro package for all new users. Sign up here.

    The Mauritius Confessions app was launched in early May 2021. It was downloaded more than 7,500 times in less than a month. It quickly became the No 1 Top Free app in the Communication category on the Play Store, beating the likes of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger!

    The aim was to allow Mauritians to tell their stories without being judged and discuss over them anonymously in order to relieve their conscience. is the first dating platform in Mauritius. It was created in mid-June 2021 after numerous Mauritius Confessions users requested for a dating website for Mauritians.

    More than 2,000 users had signed up during the first week, which prompted us to build the website's companion Android app.

Mobile + Website

Graphic Design small
₨45,000/one time
  • 1 Android App
  • 1 Website
  • Free Hosting

Mobile Only

₨35,000/one time
  • 1 Android App
  • Free Hosting

Website Only

Web Design small
₨15,000/one time
  • 1 Website
  • Free Hosting

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