Mauritius Confessions

Anonymous Confessions websites and apps are surging in popularity everywhere. Now, even Mauritians can boast of having their own exclusive app!

Mauritius Confessions is an online community where thousands of Mauritians around the world confess anything. It’s a great tool to tell the world your secret confessions and relieve your soul and mind.

You can read comments related to your posts, or find similar secrets and comments. You will be surprised by the number of comments and support you can get.

Highlight Features:

✔️ Confess your darkest secrets

✔️ Completely anonymous (No membership required)

✔️ View comments and read confessions

✔️ Comment or like confessions

✔️ Browse by categories

✔️ Search through confessions and see search trends

✔️ Sort by most recent or most popular confessions

✔️ The app is both in English and French but you can also post in Creole

Download it now!