Word Guess

For the last few weeks, the Word Guess game has offered a simple, albeit not always painless, way to breeze through downtime at work. It’s pretty simple: given a hint, guess the word, and the software will tell you if it's the right answer. Sounds easy, right?

Just kidding! It’s actually surprisingly hard and will make you realize how rusty you are at reciting the alphabet in your head. The game offers 200+ levels for both starters and word masters. Obviously, the difficulty increases along with the levels.

You can go until you win, or give up like a quitter and come back the following day. You can also earn coins in three different ways to help you when you get stuck.

As a writer, I’m supposed to have an excellent grasp of my native language and vocabulary that makes me talk good and stuff. But it took me 13 guesses and two minutes to get a word that, at best, trips up first graders on a spelling test. That's how tricky it can get!

The game supports English, Français, Español, Italiano, Deutsche, Russisch, Português, and Türk. And with no internet connection needed, you can use your time wisely to guess the words at your own pace.

Download it here!